Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Android Security Suite is an arsenal of software that offers industry leading protection and security on your family's mobile devices.

Android Security Suite offers:
  • Advanced Antivirus Protection (Android and Windows Files)
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Zip File Scan
  • Deep Scan
  • Safe-Browsing
  • Scheduled Scan
Future Additions:
  • Parental Controls
  • Device Tracking
  • Advanced Anti-Theft
  • Android Security Suite Stats
  • Much more!

Absolutely, everyone needs Android Security Suite protection for all of their mobile devices. With A.S.S you not only receive a great Antivirus application, you get protection from dangerous apps and threats that you may encounter on the internet or while connected to a unfamiliar computer.

Did you know you can easily infect a computer simply by plugging your mobile device into your computer's USB port for a charge or to swap some files? This is the reason Android Security Suite scans for BOTH Android and Windows files.

Simply put, anytime a new file is added to your device its checked for threats and malicious behavior. This includes files, apps, and while surfing the internet on your phone.

How to use the App

It is recommended to browse the settings screen to configure Android Security Suite's features and enter your name. To Access Settings: Simply touch the "Settings" icon in the top right corner or swipe left.

Yes, the background image can be changed and you can even add your name or any funny name you would like your phone to call you. You can also toggle voice notifications on or off.

Deep scanning is an advanced feature of Android Security Suite that scans not only every file on your phone but actually intelligently breaks apart all apps installed on your phone searching for malicious files lurking within. A.S.S is one of the only solutions on the market to offer this level of granular threat detection.

Expect scanning to take a considerable amount of time.

Tip: Schedule Deep Scans to occur while your sleep

Safe Browsing will alert you if you are visiting a website that contains harmful code or security threats.

Other Issues

No, the test virus app and test virus site are intended for you to be able to trigger Android Security Suite's threat detection for testing the app and real-time protection. Install the app to test any antivirus software app you may have installed to see if it detects a threat.

Android Security Suite Pro removes ads, provides immediate threat database updates and enables the Scheduled Scan feature to help with doing length scans on a timely basis when your phone has low activity for an extended period of time.

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